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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on improving the overall performance of our SaaS platform (OnCare) for user experience gains and profit. Hopefully, some of my fresh musings could be useful to you.

Philosophy on performance focus

TLDR; Focus on building and marketing features, then fix performance issues if and when they…

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I’ve found the propaganda, hyperbole and stints of doing TDD alluring but I never really found it sticks, much like an intensive exercise regime. My sentiment is that it’s a methodology more concerned with code quality than user value or time constraints.

I have however found a sustainable flow that…

We fixed this problem (though we don’t advise using in space). Original image

At OnCare we’ve gone to great pains to make a service that our customers love using. Part of our journey has been to ensure the app customers use through the day, every day works offline or on terrible internet connections. Here’s some of our learnings in realising this offline experience.

Assumed starting point

James Broad

CTO @ OnCare

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