Favouring building over writing

I’m gutted I missed posting an article yesterday. My streak is over just as I was getting going.

I’ll make allowances, however as I’ve been using my writing time towards creating a custom blog section for my website.

I love Medium for its fabulous editing experience, design, and network, but I don’t feel it’s great for creating a personal brand.

I’m looking to have a place online that allows people to find out enough about me, my background and my writing in a bid to maximise serendipity.

I’ll continue to publish on Medium but I’ll cross-post it into kulor.com for more ownership.

As a side note, I’ve been crafting my own site just the way I want it with the assumption that others may want something similar. In essence, I wanted a richer About.me/Carrd site. Therefore, I’ve built a platform (hiya.io) to support future users, I just so happen to be the first. Here’s an early glimpse of how it looks behind the scenes:

It turns out I accidentally default to productizing the projects I work on which seems to bring me the most joy, even if few use them.

I feel like disclosing that this isn’t intended to serve as any kind of announcement, merely what I’m working on when not writing, parenting, exercising or doing my day job.




Maximising human potential through tech

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James Broad

James Broad

Maximising human potential through tech

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